Digital Health

Delivery of healthcare is rapidly transforming as the worldwide population lives longer and the cost of managing chronic, age-related disease skyrockets. Innovative mobile, cloud-based information and sensing technologies combined with massive government incentives are creating a more connected, data-focused, outcomes-based healthcare system.

Extensive knowledge of the complexities of digital health

Our digital health domain experts and advisors possess deep knowledge and insights on the trends, players, partnerships, deals and countless complexities of digital connected health and healthcare IT, from the health consumer and the numerous engagement channels to the critical IT tools, platforms, back-end technology and support infrastructure.

experts in healthcare, technology and banking

With one bank, you gain access to three critical areas for digital health: healthcare, technology and banking. The majority of our team is scientifically, technically or medically-trained. Our clinical knowledge into specific disease states, provider/patient interactions, provider workflows and reimbursement models is significant. We are fluent in numerous hardware and software technology areas including bio-sensing, data analytics, M2M and cloud services. We are grounded with strong foundation of 30 years in investment banking and financial advisory services.