WaveEdge is pleased to announce business partnerships with the following organizations.

Launchpad Digital Health

Launchpad Digital Health Logo

The Founders of Launchpad Digital Health are on a mission to improve health in the world. The best way for them to do this is funding new great companies that can achieve that goal. Ted and Fred have spent their careers funding healthcare andtechnology companies to improve health. This continues as the driving reason for starting this digital health accelerator.

To augment this effort, the Founders are using 5% of their profits from Launchpad Digital Health to fund micro lending to small healthcare businesses throughout the world. This enables many new health-related startup businesses with little access to capital to start and thrive. Partnering with Kiva, the largest, most successful micro lending platform in the world, is the best way to do this.

This simple commitment from the Founders, Ted and Fred, can change the lives of millions.

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ShareVault offers secure, cloud-based document sharing solutions, also known as virtual data rooms, that are frequently used by organizations of all types to securely share highly confidential documents with outside parties. In contrast to consumer-grade file sharing services, ShareVault allows organizations to easily share documents with third parties, while monitoring access and maintaining control.

Spanning life sciences, financial services, legal services, energy/natural resources, technology, manufacturing, education and other markets, ShareVault has enabled tens of billions of $ in transactions for organizations in more than 45 countries. Across these markets, ShareVault’s service is recognized for its ease-of-use, speed, industry-leading features, customer support and cost-effectiveness.

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