John Selig speaks at The Family Farm Social Club on the topic “An Unhealthy Healthcare System” – 8/25/17


The United States statistically ranks among the lowest countries in the world with respect to the quality and effectiveness of our healthcare system.  Walter Cronkite commented, long ago, that “America’s health care system is neither healthy, caring, nor a system”.  This year’s lecture at the Family Farm’s annual meeting will focus upon whether, realistically, the U.S. can have an affordable, comprehensive, and universal health care system that is both economically viable and politically feasible, and if so,​ what would it look like and what is the political ​likelihood of it coming into effect anytime soon — and we’ll also focus on the question of what the trade-offs, risks, and dangers are to our population, and to our country generally, if we can’t get it right.

The Family Farm is a private club founded in 1901 with locations in San Francisco and Portola Valley, CA.