John Selig Speaks at JLabs on The Value of a Biotechnology Business – March 7, 2017


Do you know your worth? The wise startup company plans their exit from the beginning.  In order to properly leverage your exit value you need to understand the different valuation methods, how they are used and who is using them.

John Selig, Managing Partner and co-founder of WaveEdge Capital, a healthcare investment bank, will guide you through the maze of sunk costs, sum of parts, comparables, DCF and NPV to help you increase negotiating leverage and make more informed funding decisions.  Join us for an informative and interactive session.

Topics covered:

The different valuation methodologies and how the industry is using them
Key approaches in funding for life sciences companies
Planning exit strategies and deal structuring from the outset
How do my expected deal terms relate to my forecast cash flows?
How can I use this to make better decisions on licensing timing?

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