Interesting Videos Worth Watching


By Donna Fedor, Managing Director

Here are some interesting and inspiring videos and slideware that are worth viewing.

Inspiring Video #1: Believe by JDRF (Juvenile Diabetes Reasearch Foundation): This is an incredibly creative way to get us to realize the amazing that power words have on us. And our unknowing acceptance of how we look at disease. Thank you JDRF for this beautiful reminder that changing our perspectives just a little can have an incredible impact.

Inspiring Video #2: Are You a Connector? By Forseti Holdings LLC – I first saw this video at the Denver Convention Center with 5000 other people. You could have heard a pin drop. We were all riveted. Our world is changing. Are you ready for that change? Is your company?

Inspiring Video #3: 2013 University of Minnesota Commencement Speech by Steve Blank – Sure, commencement speeches are usually really boring and trite but Steve gets to the meat of things quickly. Do you want an “illusion of independence” where you go from your parents telling you what to do, to a corporation telling you want to do? Have you decided to be or to do?

Helpful Video #1: What is Digital Health? by Paul Sonnier – This video is a very helpful short, 2-minute definition of Digital Health.